RGB Masterpiece

With 16.8 million colors RGB illumination, AEOLUS P1-1401 comes with unique default neon lighting effect. With AEOLUS Box, you are given the option to customize your own static color or experience up to 8 lighting effects with HERA software.

More Flexible

As one of the supported models of AEOLUS Box, AEOLUS P1-1401 provides you with the ability to customize the RGB color settings with up to 8 lighting effects. With its built-in magnet and slim design, AEOLUS Box can be easily fit into the computer case to make a clean profile of your PC.

Circular Neon-Flex

The unique design of AEOLUS P1-1401 allows you to enjoy the splendid circular Neon-Flex without a separate control unit.

A Silent Gaming Rig

Along with the Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) and other unique design, AEOLUS P1-1401 strikingly reduces friction noise level.

Keep Distraction Away

AEOLUS P1-1401 comes with PWM temperature technology which enables the ability of automatic speed control.

Unrivaled Performance

AEOLUS P1-1401 comes with Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) which provides eminent gamers with matchless cooling in silence. Featuring the highest quality cooling fan in the series, AEOLUS P1-1401 unprecedentedly utilizes aerospace-grade lubricant to offer protection against wear, friction, corrosion, and carbon deposit buildup.

Winning without Whirring

AEOLUS P1-1401 comes with 8 rubber shock-absorber pads for the fan to run smoothly at a low level of noise.

AEOLUS P1 1401 Summary

Unparalleled Competitiveness

AEOLUS P1-1401 is designed for the luminous but quiet cooling performance to meet the expectations of professionals. Not only does AEOLUS P1-1401 come with the innovative design of vivid RGB lightings, but it also brings you the best-in-class silence beyond imagination. In addition, the unprecedented use of aerospace-grade lubricant makes AEOLUS P1-1401 an extraordinary fan with longer lifespan.


  • Support AEOLUS Box
  • Aerospace Grade Lubricant
  • Default Color without AEOLUS Box:Circular Neon-Flex
  • 16.8 Million RGB and Fully Customizable RGB Lighting Effects (Required AEOLUS Box)
  • Smart PWM Temperature Control
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
  • Low Noise Adapter
  • Anti-Vibration System


Model Name AEOLUS P1-1401
Package Contents
Fan x 1
Low Noise Adapter (L.N.A.) x 1
Metal Screw x 4
Dimensions 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Support AEOLUS Box
Lighting Effect
Without AEOLUS Box  Circular Neon-Flex

16.8 Million RGB FullyCustomizable With HERA Software

LED Number 18
Lubricant Aerospace Grade
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
Connector 4 Pin PWM
Without L.N.A.  600 ~ 1500 RPM ±10%
With L.N.A.  600 ~ 1200 RPM ±10%
Without L.N.A 17 ~ 28 dBA
With L.N.A 17 ~ 21 dBA
Air Flow 82 CFM
Air Pressure 2.42 mm H2O
Rated Voltage 12 V
Warranty 2 Years