Unrivaled Lighting

AEOLUS E1-1201 comes with 33 LEDs and offers a brighter and evener lighting.

Silent Operation & Long Service Life

By utilizing Rifle Bearing, AEOLUS E1-1201 significantly reduces the friction noise and generates high airflow at high speed. Accordingly, AEOLUS E1-1201 provides a quiet and durable cooling performance for you.

Winning without Whirring

AEOLUS E1-1201 comes with 8 shock-absorber rubber pads to run smoothly at much lower level of noise. Without the annoying sound of whirring, the anti-vibration system provides you with the best-in-class silent performance.

For All Legendary Gamers

AEOLUS E1-1201 supports 3pin or 4 pin peripheral power cable with standard 4-pin adapter. Hence, it offers greater flexibility to all PC systems. In addition, the removable adapter allows you to connect to either your power supply or motherboard.

AEOLUS E1 1201 RED Summary

"Visual Victory"

At the most competitive price, AEOLUS E1-1201 combines the extraordinary cooling performance with stunning illuminations. The extra adapter offering flexibility to different PC system distinguishes AEOLUS E1-1201 from other fans.


  • 33 LEDs For Perfect Lighting Effect
  • Compatible with All PC System (3 Pin or Standard 4 Pin Peripheral Power Cable)
  • An Extra Adapter
  • Rifle Bearing
  • Anti-Vibration System