RGB Masterpiece

With 16.8 million colors RGB illumination, AEOLUS P1-1202C comes with unique default neon lighting effect. With AEOLUS Box, you are given the option to customize your own static color or experience up to 8 lighting effects with HERA software.

Create Stunning Lighting

AEOLUS Box can link up to 8 fans altogether to present group light effects. In addition, with the built-in magnet and its slim design, you can easily place AEOLUS Box in your computer case.

Keep Distraction Away

AEOLUS P1-1202C comes with PWM temperature technology which enables the ability of automatic speed control.

A Silent Gaming Rig

Along with the Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) and other unique design, AEOLUS P1-1202C strikingly reduces friction noise level.

Ultra Silent

AEOLUS P1-1202C features extraordinary cooling performance with FDB, PWM, and 8 rubber shock-absorber pads to deliver the airflow at lowest noise level.

AEOLUS P1 1202C Summary

"Make Your Enemies Cringe"

AEOLUS P1-1202C is designed for the luminous but quiet cooling performance to meet the expectations of professionals. Not only does AEOLUS P1-1202C come with the innovative design of vivid RGB lightings, but it also brings you the best-in-class silence beyond imagination. In addition, the unprecedented use of aerospace-grade lubricant makes AEOLUS P1-1202C an extraordinary fan with longer lifespan.


  • 16.8 million RGB and Fully customizable RGB lighting effects (required AEOLUS Box)
  • 8 Ports AEOLUS Box Included
  • Aerospace Grade Lubricant
  • Smart PWM temperature control
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
  • Low Noise Adapter
  • Anti-Vibration System
  • Online Firmware Update Support (Requires HERA)
  • Default Color without AEOLUS Box:Circular Neon-Flex