Exceptional Lightings for Victory

AEOLUS M1-1401 offers more than 30 vivid lighting effects, including Neon-flex RGB, multi-color, and LED off. Just one touch, you can easily switch to diverse lightings to match your style.

For All Legendary Gamers

The standard 4-pin peripheral power cable offers greater flexibility to all PC systems. We provide you with an extra 4-pin peripheral to add other component at your disposal.

Winning without Whirring

AEOLUS M1-1401 comes with 8 shock-absorber pads to run smoothly at much lower level of noise. Without the annoying sound of whirring, the anti-vibration system provides you with the best-in-class silence level.

Quieter, Longer Lifespan

The use of Rifle Bearing significantly reduces the noise of friction at high speed and accordingly makes AEOLUS M1-1401 a quiet and durable cooler.

Outstanding Circuit Device

AEOLUS M1-1401 is well considerate in circuit design. Built with the design of Quick Off, AEOLUS M1-1401 enables uses to return to Neon-Flex mode by simply pressing the control bottom for 3 seconds. In addition, the unique Memory Function will automatically save the mode you chose last time.


"Exceeding Silence"

AOELUS M1-1401 enriches your gaming experience with not merely extraordinary cooling performance but also an extra 4-pin peripheral and the instant vivid lighting effects. Only by a simple bottom can you match the stunning lighting effects with your own style.


  • One Touch to Easily Switch More than 30 Lighting Effects Including White Light, Neon-Flex RGB, Multi-color, and LED off
  • Compatible with All PC System and Extra 4-pin Peripheral
  • Rifle Bearing
  • Memory Function and Quick off
  • Anti-Vibration System